VLC for Android is Coming Soon

VLC is the most popular media player among Open Source enthusiasts and it plays almost all video formats seamlessly making it the first choice for many Windows users as well. Be it audio, video, streaming or any other playing habit, VLC does the job.

VLC lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf has announced in talks with Om Malik from GigaOM that VLC media player will be released for Android in a few weeks time. We can safely expect to see it in early 2011.  VLC has spread across a multitude of platforms including Windows; Linux on PC, Mac, an iOS device- the iPad and now, a version for Android is awaited.

Android already sports some slick video players like RockPlayer and YxPlayer. The porting of VLC to Android has been accelerated with Google’s latest NDK that better allows running of native code. However, one setback for Android development, fragmentation has affected them all the way in this development process. Given the revolution in hardware of Android devices, the VLC media player along with other applications now have the right to be resource intensive as well.

If you want to track the development of VLC, it can be found on this Git page.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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