Video Sharing on high

Just a week after the release of iPhone 3G S, the famous video sharing site declared 400% rise in YouTube uploads. YouTube also revealed that in the last six months, video uploads from mobile phones increased by 1,700 percent.


All the credit for sudden boost in the mobile uploads goes to high end mobile phones in market. Moreover, YouTube’ dedicated page for mobile upload and watching clips is impressive.


Not staying behind is the Qik, live video streaming application for mobiles. It recently announced its grand plans of releasing the software for Android based phones. For that matter, Qik is already available on N97 phones. Features in the current alpha release include:

  • Live streaming with live chat
  • Share videos to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Ability to set your videos to Private / Public with a touch of a button
  • Add Title / Description to the video prior

Even on my twitter timeline i occasionally encounter tweoples streaming videos on Qik. Recently a friend declared, thanks to his Nokia Smartphone he has now got into recordinghimself doing weird stuff and uploading on YouTube. And surprisingly he gets the audience.

I’m tempted to record a video of mine. Maybe i would share it here. Have you got your own YouTube/Qik stream? Share with us. We would be glad to visit since we like watching weird people :P

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