Vevo Music Videos: Now on Android and Backed By Google

Vevo, the popular music video streaming site has recently launched an Android client with some unique features.


The Vevo blog announced this as:

Good news, Android users! The number one online destination for music videos is now available on your Smartphone. VEVO’s free high-quality music & entertainment programming experience is now available within a gorgeous new Android app.

The app has a few special features created especially for Android, including Voice Control, allowing you to speak into your phone to search for your favorite artist or video.

However, in reality, Vevo for Android is served through a channel on YouTube mobile and this means good news for the end user because now, they can watch videos from music labels like Sony BMG, Universal and EMI. These labels were blocked on mobile devices earlier and Vevo has increased the potential for mobile ads on YouTube. The ads will appear as pre-roll videos as seen on the YouTube domain.

Google has recently announced that nearly 200 million videos were streamed in the last year, which is double of last year and triple of the year before that. As interesting as these stats are, there is no word on whether they come from actual mobile devices or mobile versions of the website. Though, whether mobile or not does not matter because now, Google can serve ads on all those platforms on which YouTube apps run.

The download of Vevo for Android is available at this page.


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