Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate Gets A Software Update

Samsung_FascinateThe Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy S the Samsung Fascinate is getting an OTA update. Before Fascinate owners start jumping with joy thinking it is the highly awaited Android 2.2 update, let me tell you guys it’s NOT. The OTA update is basically a maintenance update and aims at fixing some bugs along with improving the GPS performance of the device. The software update is numbered DL09 and should hit the Fascinate owner handsets over the next few days.

Few of the improvements of this software update include :

  • Ability to change the reminder time and alert tone for calendar events
  • Improved the update consistency of the feed and widgets
  • Music now pauses if you unplug your wired headset or turn off your Bluetooth headset
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Ability to open PDF attachments sent in an email.

Fascinate owners can find the full change-log here.

Hopefully, Verizon and Samsung will soon release the Android 2.2 update for the Fascinate as well, which users have been longing for a long time. Since

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