Verizon’s Android Share Down Dramatically Following iPhone 4 Launch

At the end of March, Chitika Insights reported that Verizon was the largest Android carrier, due to the carrier’s migration from RIM’s BlackBerry to Android throughout 2010.

Five months later, Chitika Insights now reports that there is a huge decrease in Verizon’s share of the US Android market share after the iPhone 4 became available on Verizon.

Chitika Insights Android Marketshare

Even though several promotions for Android devices were offered,  AT&T’s share of Android users is up just 5 percentage points. T-Mobile and Sprint both have maintained a ratio of the nation’s Android users as Verizon moved millions of its subscribers to the iPhone.

Surprisingly, the largest growth comes from other carriers, including MetroPC, Virgin, and US Cellular. These carriers amounted to less than 3 percent of the US Android market in  in March, but now claim 8.5 percent.

Chitika Insights says the “Verizon’s share of iPhone traffic continues to increase, but it seems that Verizon is gaining market share in Apple’s prominent smartphone at the expense of its other, Android-running devices.”

In conclusion, in less than six months Verizon Wireless’s share of Android phones sold in the US has declined from 51.4 percent to 41.1 percent, suggesting a shift among Verizon subscribers to iPhone 4.  In any case, the iPhone remains to be “dead in the water”.

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