Verizon Motorola Droid Pro Gets The Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update

Last year, Motorola launched its Droid Pro smartphone. This handset comes with a touchscreen display as well as a full QWERTY keyboard. This device is exclusively available for the customers of Verizon in the US. Motorola Droid Pro originally runs on the old Android 2.2 (Froyo) Operating System. After waiting for nearly a year, Verizon finally rolled out the much-awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the owners of Motorola Droid Pro smartphone. Check out the improvements and enhancements after the break.

Droid Pro


Download Manager App:
New App to manage all of your downloads from web browsing, email attachments and other apps.

App and Power Management Details:
Under Manage Applications, a new Runningtab displays a list of active applications and the storage and memory being used by each.

Multi-Touch Key-Chording:
New ability to enter numbers and symbols with keyboard shortcut combos, instead of having to change to the numeric keyboard mode.

Improved Word Selection and Copy Functionality:
New capability to select a word via press-hold. A second press of the selected word copies the selected characters.

New User Interface and Color Scheme:
New widgets, icons and screens with refreshed colors.

Dock Icons:
Static Phone, App Launcher and Contacts icons are replaced within a customizable dock. Three swappable icons and the App Launcher icon are fixed to the dock at the bottom of all home screen panels for easy and instant access.

App Groups:
New App Menu allows creation of custom app groups, in addition to 3 default groups: All Apps, Recent and Downloaded.

Updated Calendar Options:

  • Display Calendar and event times in your home time zone when traveling.
  • Dismiss individual reminders, such as dismissing one meeting reminder without ┬ádismissing other meeting reminders.
  • Easy conference dialing simply dial and automatically enter a conference ┬ácode directly from your Calendar.
  • Update Calendar appointments using Exchange ActiveSync without deleting them.

Google Books now comes preloaded.

Geo-tagging features available for camera application.

Other improvements:

  • Improved contact syncing from multiple email accounts.
  • Improved battery life while using Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.
  • Correct contact name is displayed when receiving SMS messages.
  • Forward SMS message conversations correctly.
  • Mobile Hotspot status is displayed accurately.
  • Clock widget updates time correctly.
  • GPS apps and programs no longer cause unnecessary device resets.
  • V CAST Media Manager now comes preloaded.

It is advised to backup all you data before updating the device. The latest update is numbered 4.6.8.XT610.Verizon.en.US and it can be downloaded via. OTA (Over-The-Air). You should also make sure that, the battery is fully charged before updating your phone. To learn more, check out this PDF file. To update your Samsung Mesmerize smartphone, head over to this page.

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