Galaxy Nexus Update

Verizon May Be Pushing Android 4.2 To Galaxy Nexus Users Soon

Galaxy Nexus Update

Verizon Wireless is reportedly readying an update for Galaxy Nexus devices on its network. Last night, the company’s Twitter support handle sent a tweet to a concerned Galaxy Nexus user as response to a question regarding the possibility of a software update. While the company didn’t tweet an actual release date, it did say that the update is coming “soon” and that it will be pushed to users from Samsung over-the-air. We’ve embedded the tweet below.

Even though Verizon support didn’t say exactly what was down the pipeline, we’re pretty sure that the company was referring to an Android 4.2 update for the LTE Galaxy Nexus in its tweet. Galaxy Nexus users on Verizon have been awaiting this update for quite sometime.

The LTE Galaxy Nexus and the unlocked Galaxy Nexus devices have been weird when it comes to software updates. While the unlocked, GSM Galaxy Nexus has been updated to new software as its released, the LTE model has been lagging behind. The LTE Galaxy Nexus hasn’t been updated to Android 4.2 even though the update has been available for other Nexus devices since November of 2012.

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