Verizon Brings Back Microsoft’s KIN Phones

It was only 7 months ago that Microsoft partnered with Verizon and launched 2 KINdevices, the KIN ONE and KIN TWO. A pair of almost smartphones aimed toward the teenage generation, priced competitively low and offering a slew of social networkingfeatures. Yet 48 days later, they were discontinued and cleared out after Microsoft admitted to disappointing sales.

Fast forward to today, and CNET is reporting that Verizon is now pushing the KIN ONEmand KIN TWOmto consumers, offered without the requirement for a data plan, for $19.99 and $49.99 accordingly. The new marketing for the devices focuses on them being feature phones and they can be had with many options of data plans including pay-as-you-go packages.

The KIN platform brings social phonesto the masses, equipped with physical QWERTY keyboards, capacitive touch screens and cameras, KIN allows users to easily share pictures, locations and thoughts to your friends through the Loop, Spot and Studio.