Verizon Announces The Developer Variant Of The Galaxy S III With Unlock-able Bootloader

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III for the United States, it managed to do the unthinkable. The Korean company managed to launch the same phone on all the major carriers in the United States, without any internal or external modifications. Before this, only Apple had managed to pull something like this off with the iPhone.

However, all future Verizon Galaxy S3 owners got a good shock when it was found out that the carrier had managed to lock-down the bootloader on the handset. Samsung openly supports the developer community and never locks down the bootloader of its handset, so this move must have come from Verizon, since the carrier is known for locking down bootloaders on its handsets.

This news rightfully angered the Android developer community and they decided to boycott the phone until Verizon decides to unlock the bootloader of the handset. Verizon today finally responded to the developers not by unlocking the bootloader on the Galaxy S3, but by releasing a developer edition of the handset.

Like the developer edition of the RAZR that Verizon had launched earlier, the developer edition of the Galaxy S3 will come with a fully unlockable bootloader, but will still be network locked to Verizon. The handset will come with no warranty whatsoever, and interested buyers will need to purchase the phone outright for $599.

Considering that all other operator variants of the Galaxy S III come with an unlocked bootloader, it would make more sense to shift to another carrier instead of buying a developer edition of the Galaxy S III from Verizon.

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