Use FTP On Your Android Phone With SwiFTP

With smart phones being an essential part of our lives now, it is critical to be able to transfer data between your phone and your computer. If you have an Android phone, there are many apps, paid and free, that let you transfer files between your computer and your phone, but nothing beats the simplicity and functionality of FTP. One of the best apps to use FTP on your Android phone is SwiFTP.

Once installed on your smart phone, SwiFTP allows you to access your Android device from anywhere and any system using the FTP connection. After the installation, you need to provide a username and password which will later be used to access the device via FTP.  The app also requires you to specify some basic FTP and phone settings and once completed, your Android phone can be accessed from a computer using any popular FTP client.

The app is open-source so you can completely tweak it or contribute to it by accessing the code. If your particular FTP client doesn’t work, you can send a request for support and it will be fixed. If your Android device is behind a firewall, SwiFTP will still work by routing the traffic through some proxy servers. Overall, SwiFTP provides a really simple solution to transfer music, documents and all sorts of files between your Android device and any other system using a secure FTP connection.

Download SwiFTP by searching the Android Marketplace or here.

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