Updating N900’s Firmware on Linux

Windows user have it easy with the Nokia Software Updater, but for a Linux user, firmware updates for Nokia internet tablets has always been a bit rough. Here’s a short tutorial to help with the updates:

  • Download the flasher from here and the firmware image from here.
  • Turn off your N900.
  • While the phone is switched off, connect the USB cable to the phone.
  • Open a new terminal.
  • Run  “sudo ./flasher-3.5 -F <firmware image filename> -f -R” and enter administrator password.
  • You will get a message  that a suitable USB device isn’t found.
  • Switch on the phone now
  • Flashing will begin automatically.
  • Disconnect the phone when the normal desktop appears.

Mac OS X:

All the steps are same except that you need a different flasher. You’ll need the 770Flasher. Download it here.

Though this tutorial has been written for N900, it works fine for every Internet Tablet below Maemo 5.

Note that Nokia constantly releases updates to Maemo devices OTA, using SSU (Seamless Software Update). This will show as a small orange box blinking in your tray, and will update different parts of your device, without the need for a computer and without erasing any of your data.

Do not try installing anything other than Maemo SDK’s on your phone. These flashers have been developed specially for Maemo OS. Trying anything else might as well brick your phone.

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Arnaw Kumar

Arnaw is an undergraduate who is really into hacking and modding cell phones. For him, nothing gets better than an S60 and a chance to ruin it.