Unreal 3 Coming to Android With Tegra 2?

Unreal 3 Coming to Android With Tegra 2?

A few days ago, Pallab told you about Tegra 2, Nvidia’s system-on-chip mobile processor, which was unveiled during CES 2010. The chip is so powerful that it could be used to also play Unreal 3.

A few weeks back Epic Games demoed Unreal 3 on an iPod Touch, however, it looks like it is soon going to make its way to Android based devices, according to a report from Android and Me. Unreal 3 on Android will give mobile gaming a real boost and handheld gaming device like PSP a run for its money.

These are definitely exciting times for gamers who would want to start playing anywhere without having to carry huge gadgets along. Heck, I would prefer to play games like Unreal and COD:MW2 on a mobile phone.

However, don’t get so excited yet as Tegra 2 is based off the ARM Cortex-A9 core and the hottest Android devices right now, Motorola Droid and Nexus One still run on ARM Cortex-A8, so it might take a few months before they start manufacturing devices with Tegra 2.

Watch a video of Tegra 2 in action.

What do you think? Will this enhance your gaming experience? Will you be more inclined to buy a smartphone than a gaming console.

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