Unofficial Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fix Now Available

Google announced the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich – along with the Galaxy Nexus back in October. The handset and the new version of OS were both  critically  appreciated by reviewers alike. The hotly anticipated handset went on sale in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

However, earlier owners of the handset faced a strange volume bug, which ruined their ICS experience. If the users phone went into 2G mode, it would randomly increase or decrease the volume level. Readers can find out more about the Galaxy Nexus volume bug here. Rumors earlier suggested that this was a hardware issue, but later on Samsung debunked all the rumors by saying that an official software fix for the volume bug is on its way.

Now, Paul O’ Brian, one popular Android developer has posted a volume bug fix up on his website along with the installation steps for all Galaxy Nexus owners to try. The volume bug fix is based on the upcoming official update,  which leaked a couple of days ago.

Galaxy Nexus owners affected by the volume bug can either install this volume bug fix, if they have unlocked the bootloader of their handset, or wait for the official update to be  released  by Samsung in a few days.

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Rajesh Pandey

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