Unlock T-Mobile HTC HD2 With HSPL2

No one likes locked phones which restrict your activities to a certain carrier and do not allow you to install apps which are not in the available market place. And with the introduction of HTC HD2 by T-Mobile, which incidentally sold out in the first few hours, there might be several users who might be itching to unlock the phone and play around with it.

HTC HD2 Unlock Software T-Mobile

If you are looking to unlock the HTC HD2 you recently bought from T-Mobile, XDA Developers has released a HSPL2 which will allow you to flash the HTC HD2 and unlock it.

Once you unlock the device you can install apps or ROMs which are unofficially available. Instructions to download the HSPL2 and flash the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile is available on the XDA Developers site.

Please make sure to backup your device before you flash it. We take no responsibility if you brick your device, so continue with caution.

Important note: Using the HSPL2 on your device will void your warranty, so use it at your own risk.

19 thoughts on “Unlock T-Mobile HTC HD2 With HSPL2”

  1. Hey, so ive done this to my htc hd2 and may i say it worked 100% and i know love my phone, however how do i install unofficial apps and where on earth do i download them from? thanks in advance.

    1. Hey my friend, glad you were able to unlock your new phone, now to get app for free, to me there are two ways to do it: First, you go to microsoft and download / install "windows mobile device center" on your PC so you can be able to sync your phone then go to http://www.freewarepocketpc.net and there you have thousand of app for your phone, the first one on the right is called "OMARKET", download to your pc and when you sync your phone transfer the app to a folder of your choice, then look for it in your device and install it, that app is the one that gives you app for free or go directly the the website I mentioned above from your phone and try to install it from there… sometimes, it doesn't do it, so I say you should try… Good luck

  2. Unfortunately this HardSPL boot patch is NOT for actual SIM unlocking which enables you to use your device with other network sim cards.

    this is a CID (country ID) bypass pacth on boot loader to avoid verifying the original carrier ROM and to enable flashing any ROm from any carrier

    unlockman.com can provide sim unlock codes to unlock any htc including hd2 to use with any network sim card

  3. As said above: Using the HSPL2 on your device will void your warranty, so use it at your own risk.

    How do they exactly find out?

  4. but jailbreaking is now legal so doesnt that mean t-moblie cant do anything about it and if something was to happen to the phone they would have to give me a new one?

  5. Hi my name I tirrel and I brought this htc tmobil phone from my friend and he gave me the pass word I enterd pass word hit the unlock but nothing happens it is stuck on the pass word screen how do I fix that please help ,thanks

  6. Okayy So my friend is trying to unlock her At&t HTC Kickback,,
    We can’t find a free website that will do it.
    We need help.

  7. Hi. I units hd2 am. This device from Windows to Android become the state 4-color (spl) locked and any RAM and hspl run we could not boot system worked. Sometimes the keyboard volume Vpavr 6 Vibration then either nothing will happen How can I do this. Thanks

  8. To Unfreeze your phone on the unlock screen you have to do a hard reset. Youtube or google it. It’s pretty easy but a hassle.

  9. Hi, I have a HTC G2 with the unlocking code but it does not prompt for the code when I switch it on and so cant use it on my network. Please help.

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