Unannounced Nokia E6 Gets Pictured

A picture of the unannounced Nokia E6 has yet again made it’s way onto the internet. This time, it’s dressed in all black and shows off the Symbian platform with large icons, suitable for use with a touch screen. Accompanying what is said to be a 2.6screen with a 640×360 pixel resolution, a front facing camera, ambient light sensor as well as proximity sensor adorn the front of the device.

The same Nokia-style E6x/E7x shaped QWERTY keyboard is present, with a rounded bottom lip and slightly tapered top, but adding an extremely large chinbelow the keyboard, supposedly for ergonomic purposes. The previous pictures of an E6 prototype shows the device in bronze with an 8 megapixel camera, dual LED flash and loud speaker grille on the rear. The lack of soft keys on the front face indicate that this device may have a touch screen and be running Symbian^3 to continue Nokia’s portfolio of Touch and Typesmartphones. From the newly taken picture, the screen shows there are 4 home screens that support widgets and shortcuts (as visible by the dots above the d-pad). There is also a rather large gap between the lower half of the shortcut cluster and the screen bezel, indicating this is may be an initial or older hardware build. The last rumored specifications for the E6 indicate a 680MHz ARM11 processor, WiFi and 3G connectivity. The incarnation of the E6 dates back to before the Microsoft-Nokia deal, so it’s unknown if the device will make it into the hands of consumers before it’s scrapped and replaced with a Windows Phone smartphone with the same form-factor.