Ubuntu Running On HTC Touch Pro2

Ubuntu Running On HTC Touch Pro2

Ubuntu is by far not an OS for mobile phones, however, the latest handsets have hardware configuration which will allow users to run a desktop or netbook OS on mobile phones, few of them being the which can run Debian.

Ubuntu on HTC Touch Pro2

Now, Pocket Now, has come across a user who has been able to install and run Ubuntu on a HTC Touch Pro2. Having a desktop OS run on a mobile handset is definitely a great achievement, and kudos to the XDA forum members for achieving this.

Take a look at the video below to see Ubuntu in action on a HTC Touch Pro2 device.

What do you think about this feat? You can learn more about it at the XDA forum.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Running On HTC Touch Pro2”

  1. Firstly it's pronounced; oo-boon-too
    Secondly, that is a very hacked up version of Ubuntu because Abi-Word is not Ubuntu's default word processor and i have never seen that calendar bug before.
    Although it's nice to know that this can be done, I think Ubuntu Netbook Edition would be a better OS to try out since it is made for smaller screens, maybe not smart-phone small but it would certainly be an improvement.

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