[Review] UberMusic For Android – One Sexy Looking Music Player

The developer behind Launcher Pro Fedrico Carnales has released another quality app on the Android Market, UberMusic. The application was in an open beta testing phase for quite some time, before it was released on the Android Market, last weekend.

As its name implies, UberMusic is one uber cool music player for Android. The main question is does UberMusic stand a chance against the current best music player for Android PowerAMP? Well read my short review of the app to find out!



I have absolutely no doubt in saying that UberMusic for Android is the best looking music player available for the platform. The app looks gorgeous, and has a very polished feel to it. The best feature of the app is the dynamic background of the Now Playing screen. The background of the now playing screen automatically changes to display the image of the artist or the album of the song. The app pulls the required album art from Last.fm. Pretty cool, eh?

UberMusic also has other basic features like Last.FM scrobbling, and headset controls. Sadly, the app lacks some very important features like a lock screen widget, an equalizer, and the ability to resume or stop music playback when a headset is connected or disconnected. Compared to PowerAMP, UberMusic lacks a lot of advanced options including buffer tweaks, and lyrics support.

Fedrico has said that he is working on an equalizer and a lock screen widget, and hopefully, the next update of the app will include these two features.


Music quality is another area where UberMusic disappoints. It was just nowhere near PowerAMP’s level. While PowerAMP uses the ffmpeg decoder to playback music, UberMusic uses the native Android decoder. Due to this, the sound output of UberMusic is not as good as PowerAMP.

Where UberMusic trumps PowerAMP is its support for skins. These skins completely change the look and feel of the app, unlike the ones for PowerAMP, which just change the UI color. Right now, there are not much themes available, but whatever are, are of top-notch quality. The Metro’ skin imitates the WP7 music player, and looks visually stunning.

In the end, I recommend UberMusic to anyone who just wants a visually stunning music player, with basic features. For the hardcore audiophiles out there, stick with PowerAMP.

UberMusic can be downloaded from the Android Market for $3.49.

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