Twitter For Android Updated To Version 1.04

twitter for android

Twitter For Android, the official Twitter app for Android devices has been updated to version 1.04. The latest version comes with many changes and improvement. These has been major changes in its UI. The trending topics cloud animation has been removed and menu icons has been updated.

The new menu icons looks quite unattractive. Instead of the trending topics cloud animation, two new buttons has been added, Trends and Search. Checkout the complete changelog below.


  • Trends and Search added.
  • Removed cloud animations.
  • Removed bird animation.
  • Removed trend bubbles.
  • Retweets are now shown in a user’s timeline (include_rts).
  • DM To:list now opens a list of followers rather than following (You can only DM people who follow you).
  • You can now retweet from any timeline.
  • Favoriting a tweet now favorites the original tweet rather than a retweet.
  • Cleaned up User profile flow UI flow. Each item in the user’s profile is now a touchable target.
  • User lists (followers/following) no longer show the latest tweet.
  • Followers list is now sorted by most recently followed.
  • Following list is now sorted by most recently following.

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