Twidroid: Twitter App For Android
By on August 30th, 2009

If your android phone is wondering how to tweet and you do not like the web versions, here’s an app for tweeting.

Twidroid is the industry-standard twitter client for android and among the most used twitter applications across all platforms.

Twidroid is available in two different versions to satisfy your needs: Free and Commercial.

twidroid Features offered on pro:

-full-featured twitter client         
-postings, mentions & direct messages         
-view user profiles         
-follow/unfollow users         
-integrated search, saved searches         
-multi-account support (merged & single view)         
-desktop widget →         
-url shortening *         
-native support         
-photo posting *         
-video posting         
-direct sharing from android browser & gallery         
-list your followers & friends         
-twitter trends         
-geo location support         
-background notifications         
-custom alert ringtones         
-color themes         
-neat black pro application icon         
-landscape and portrait operation and compatible API support         
-API for your android application → view example         
-secure connection via SSL         
-integrated buzz viewer, courtesy of twittersphere


Almost all necessary features are available on free version. The commercial version comes for EUR 3.39 / ~ USD 4.89 and can be downloaded from Android market.

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