Tweetpeek: World’s First Twitter Dedicated Mobile Device

If you are a twitter addict, here is an interesting device for your tweeting needs. No, it’s not a Mobile phone device that can make calls and also use internet browse the WWW. Mobile Email Device Manufacturer Peek has joined hands with Twitter to bring out the world’s first Twitter-only Mobile Device: TwitterPeek.


This handset can send and receive tweets, Direct messages, Follow new users, and view Twitpic images. But you cannot read the interesting articles submitted to your timeline, as this device does not have a web browser. I am also not sure if it supports the new feature by twitter, Lists. Also, it does not support search. So, you cannot keep a tab on few trends or some brand.

Tweetpeek is available for sale or for $100. With this, you get 6 months free wireless connection and after utilizing the free connection you will be charged $7.95 per month. However, you can also get lifetime wireless access if you chose to pay $200 upfront.

I wonder who would buy this device, as almost all new mobile devices already has a web browser or supports 3rd party applications. Nor would I like to carry two devices; one for tweeting and one for making calls. My cell phone does both- and does it very well.


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Apurva Chaudhary

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