TweetDeck To Launch a Browser-Based Mobile Client

TweetDeck is one of the most popular clients for using Twitter. Besides the desktop version, TweetDeck has apps for almost all major mobile platforms but they don’t think that’s good enough. TweetDeck is now working on a browser-based mobile version that will be based on the recently hyped HTML5.

This will eliminate the need for developing and maintaining separate apps for different mobile platforms and would help a small company like TweekDeck focus more on innovation and quality rather than extensive development. TweetDeck CEO Ian Dodsworth also mentioned that a browser-based client will consume less battery power than a platform native app and will provide greater accessibility.

However, as ReadWriteWeb notes, a browser-based client means there would be no interaction with local apps or the local environment. If you are running it on the iPhone, you might not be able to use all the shortcuts and touch functions that you can use on the native app. Overall, it seems like users who want a better performance will go for the browser-based client but the users who are not willing to sacrifice the unique features of the app will stick to the platform native apps.

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