Titanium Backup Updated To Version 6 – Brings Minor UI Enhancements And Bug-Fixes

Titanium Backup got an update today that brings with it a redesigned app menu, UI tweaks, enhancements and bug-fixes. While the new UI tweaks do not make Titanium Backup a pretty app by any means, it does make it a bit more bearable to use and was enough of a reason to bump the version number to 6.

The developer has tucked away all the advanced settings under the ‘Menu’ option in the Action Bar. Below is a screenshot of the new ‘Menu’ option -:

The official change-log of the update is as follows -:

• Redesigned app menu & special features menu. Perfect excuse for version number bump!
• Fixed filters screen bug: additional labels could get selected when loading a filter.
• Fixed storage labeling: Android 2.3+ non-remov. storage is Media storage. If internal storage is the same, gauges are merged.
• Fixed SMS/MMS XML backup failure on some SGS3/Note2 ROMs.
• Fixed Apps2SD misdetect on some Android 3.0+ devices that don’t have it.
• Bugfixes, UI tweaks, optimizations.
• Updated translations.

While Titanium Backup still does not look pretty, it is by far the best app for taking backups on rooted Android devices.


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