The Apple iPhone Still Rules the US Smartphone Market

Comscore has released some updated figures about smartphone OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the US. It gives us some pretty interesting insights into the dynamics of the US smartphone industry, though much of it is quite obvious.

US Smartphone OEM Market Share For the three months ending May 2011, the total number of smartphone users in the US were 76.8 million. As expected, Apple was the top smartphone device manufacturer with a 26.6% market share with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

RIM is still quite a dominant player with a 24.7% market share with its Blackberry devices.

Next come the top three Android manufacturers – HTC, Motorola and Samsung with a 11.8%, 11.4% and 8.9% market share respectively. Samsung has been increasing its share quite a lot with the Galaxy range of devices, but it still comes after HTC and Motorola, which have had a very good lead in the US market.

LG has only a 4.8% share while HP has a 2.7% share with the new Palm smartphones. Nokia, as always, has a very low market share in the US market (2.1%), which is decreasing further.

While Android is the number one smartphone OS, Google hardly makes any Android phones. It just has the Nexus One and the Nexus S which form only a minute fraction of the total Android sales in the US.

The iPhone is, undisputedly, the king of the smartphone industry, at least in the US.

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