Texas Instruments To Leave Mobile SoC Market

Texas Instruments, known for its OMAP series of SoC, that have powered most of the 2011 range of Motorola devices and the Galaxy Nexus, have decided that they will be reducing their focus on the mobile market. The company will instead focus on making embedded chips for car makers and other such markets.

The OMAP platform from TI is the most ‘open’ SoC out there, and is one of the favorite SoCs of Android developers, thanks to its open-source drivers. The problem, however, for TI has been that they have consistently failed to reach the deadlines for their products, and have been consistently outpaced by their competitors in bringing newer generation SoCs to the market first.┬áThis year, the OMAP SoC has been found powering only one device – the recently announced Kindle Fire HD.

“We believe that opportunity is less attractive as we go forward,” Greg Delagi, senior vice president for embedded processing, said during a webcast of the meeting.

TI was widely expected to be the first to the market to launch its OMAP 5 SoC, based on the Cortex-A15 architecture, by the end of this year, but after today’s announcement from the company, the chances of that happening are close to nil.

Via – Reuters

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