T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II Also Gets A Software Update

Its raining software updates! First the Droid Bionic got a major bug fixing software update, then the Droid Incredible 2 and the Amaze 4G got one each, and now its the T-Mobile Galaxy SII which gets a new software update.

The software update for the T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II bumps up the Android version to 2.3.5 and brings with it some bug fixes and Wi-Fi calling.

Below is the full update for the change-log-:


  • Wi-Fi Calling Over IMS
  • Error: ‘Force Close’ and calls dropped when splitting a conference call
  • Battery shows full
  • Caller name not displayed in the call log detail
  • Network Name displayed in the call log
  • City and State not displayed on incoming calls that occur while on an active call
  • Cannot find the Wi-Fi calling application
  • Error: “Invalid SIM”
  • Error: “REG09: Missing 911 address”
  • Error: “REG99: Unable To Connect
Like all other OTA updates, this update is also being rolled out in stages so T-Mobile SGS2 owners need to be a bit patient before their ¬†phone ¬†gets the update. Users can also use Samsung’s KIES software to download and install the latest software update for their handset.

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