Synchronize Your Sony Ericsson With Your Mac

Apple as you know has a nasty habit of building closed system, where you can use/connect only Apple’s product with each other. Of course, not many get or some prefer not to have the pleasure to buy everything that Apple makes. It’s so costly. But it comes down to being frustrating when you can’t synchronize your other devices, like say, your Sony Ericsson phone.

Sony Ericsson iSync plugin for iSync comes to rescue. The iSync Plugin for Mac enables iSync support for your Sony Ericsson phone. By installing the iSync phone plug-in, you will be able to synchronise iCal and Address Book with your phone’s Calendar and Contacts.


  • iSync, version 2.3 or newer.
  • OSX 10.4.8 or newer.
  • Bluetooth
  • Phone should be upgraded with the latest software which is available via the Sony Ericsson Update Service.

How to use
Once the phone plug-in installer is completed, connect your phone via Bluetooth.
NOTE: Disable the power saving mode in the Bluetooth settings on the phone.
Start iSync and choose [Device] > [Add Device]
Double-click the phone in the Add Device window to add it to iSync. The phone should now be ready to be synchronised with iSync.

Download iSync for Sony Ericsson

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