Synchronize Your Mobile With Mac OS

Apple has a pretty bad habit to be closed to everything except its products. It’s a nightmare if you want to synchronize Mac with other device, let alone a winMo.

SyncMate is an awesome utility software for your mac to synchronize mac-to-mac and mac-to-other devices. SyncMate is FREE software and allows you to sync your contacts and calendar events to many devices simultaneously.  It also synchronizes your contacts and events with google calendar.

Syncmate offers so many features that you need not install thousands of other applications to achieve the same. Syncmate does it all. Synchronizing your contacts and events on WinMo to Mac is now just a piece of cake.

SyncMate supports synchronization with following devices:

  • Win Mobile

    (via Wi-Fi or USB)

  • Another Mac

    (via Ethernet)

  • Online backup

    (via Internet

  • Nokia S40

    (via Bluetooth)

  • Google

    (via Internet)

Features offered by Syncmate expert:

Contacts Synchronization (Entourage and Google Calendar supported!)

iCal Synchronization (Entourage and Google Contacts supported!)

iPhoto Synchronization

iTunes Synchronization

Safari Bookmarks

Firefox Bookmarks

Folders Synchronization

Time Synchronization

Device Info Plugin

SMS Reader Plugin

SMS Manager Plugin

Internet Sharing

Actions Log Plugin

Applications List Plugin

Calls history plugin

Mail plugin

To Do’s plugin

Mount your device as additional disk

Mail notes synchronization

Entourage notes synchronization

Stickies synchronization

Online backup storage space

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