Symbian^4’s UI Revealed

The first ever real pictures showing the UI of Symbian^4 is revealed. However, the UI seems to be far from finished but one thing is clear, nothing new here guys. The Symbian^4 UI is completely new compared to earlier Symbian versions.

Symbian^4 1 Symbian^4 2

The battery icon, the network tower bar are new and they look better. These images were posted by Symbian Foundation under developer’s wiki. Nokia claims that the first Symbian^4 device will be released during early 2011.

Symbian^4 3

Nokia is losing hard in high-end market and they are depending on Symbian^4 for rescue. However, I didn’t find any WOW factor in the UI. Nokia will have to come with something good because Google will be releasing the Android 3.0 a.k.a. Gingerbread in Q4 2010. And Android 3.0 is supposed to come with huge UI changes.