Symbian To Continue Developing For Nokia Smarphones

A few days earlier, we reported that Nokia will be ditching the Symbian platform and using MeeGo for newer phones and development.


However, we have got a clarification from the folks at Symbian who have said that they will continue partnering with Nokia and delivering operating system for all its upcoming X Series, C Series and E Series smartphones.

Here is a statement from Symbian on this issue:

Symbian will be working with Nokia to deliver the operating system for all its upcoming Xseries, Cseries and Eseries smartphones. The move to evolve these series demonstrates the global demand for quality smartphones, but at an affordable price. This appetite for smartphones based on the Symbian platform remains undoubtedly high. In Q1, 260,000 smartphones containing Symbian’s software were sold each day. We look forward to continuing to meet this level of demand, while delivering exceptional quality, to such a broad global audience moving forward. We will also be continuing to provide the maximum level of service to all of the device manufacturers who have chosen Symbian for their vast variety of products.

More details on this from Symbian is awaited, we will update this post or do another one once we have got further information from the folks at Symbian.

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