Symbian Ships 300,000 Devices a Day, 50% More Than Android

SymbianClose on the heels of Google’s announcement that nearly 200,000 Android devices are now being shipped per day, the Symbian foundation today issued a release which states that over 300,000 Symbian devices are being shipped every day (with around 27 million devices in the last quarter), 50% more than the number of Android devices.

“These figures make for very positive news for the Symbian community. The smartphone market place has become more crowded than ever. So the fact we continue to outsell our competitors by such large margins, combined with all the feature commitments and developments published on our roadmaps, make us highly confident in our outlook and we will continue to embrace the challenges ahead.” said Lee M. Williams, Executive Director of Symbian.

Android may now be the leading OS in the US market, but it might be a long time before it overtakes Symbian in worldwide sales. Symbian smartphones are mostly priced in the budget segment while Android smartphones are priced relatively high.

Symbian has now mostly been relegated to the sidelines while Android and iOS take the smartphone war to the next level. Even Nokia will move to the MeeGo platform for its high end devices now; the Nokia N8 will probably be the last major Symbian release in the high end segment.

Source: Symbian.Org

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