Symbian Anna Update To Be Available For Download By End Of August

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has just announced at the recently concluded Nokia Connection event that the existing Symbian^3 based handsets will be getting the Anna update in August.

Nokia will start shipping the current bunch of Symbian^3 handsets (N8, E7, C7, C6-01) with Symbian Anna pre-installed beginning from July. Existing Symbian^3 handset owners need to wait until the end of August, to download the update for their handset. Yeah, that’s how Nokia respects its loyal users.


Symbian Anna will be bringing some much needed changes to Symbian^3, in a bid to make it more competitive with iOS, Android and WP7. First and foremost, the update will bring a new web-browser with a much improved performance, along with support for split-screen text-input. The update will also bring a portrait QWERTY keyboard for easier typing.

Other new features include updated icons, performance improvements, new version of Ovi Maps with simpler and quicker search function, email enhancements, hardware accelerated encryption and a new version of Nokia’s social client.

Nokia is already shipping Symbian devices based on Symbian Anna including the recently launched Nokia E6 and the X7. So, I cannot possibly think of any techinical’ reason as to why they delayed the Anna update for the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and the C6-01.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • sarat

    Its not a technical reason but a Business Reason. Simple Logic,, if Nokia starts giving the update to existing models then what will the new model have to give. They are using anna as a selling point. August end or September would be ideal as the preliminary sales of x7 would be done..

  • josh

    YOU CANT THINK OF WHY NOKIA ARE HOLDING BACK ANNA….. use your head, they want you to buy the new phones………

  • tony

    well to be honest i have waited to long for the update, i have decided to leave nokia and bought a galaxy s2 instead, so does it really make business sense to lose customers… i think not. you need to look after exsisting customer. i have always been a nokia fan but enough is enough

  • zemzem

    First off Nokia have never really cared about it’s customers, or if they do they don’t really show it. I happen to have 3 C7’s, long story, and a N8, two of them have Anna on it, and it is an amazing update, I can’t wait to see it on the N8 with updated FPS on the camera, this update is cool and sorta worth the wait.

    I think what Nokia realises is that people are buying more and more phones on contract and not unlocked, that being the case they are making money from companies and individuals, win win for them. That’s just my guess, my other guess is that Nokia have been notorious for releasing thing that just simply suck and so by putting Anna on flagship phones through carriers they run less of a risk of pissing all their customers off by testing it. I wouldn’t be shocked if by the time Anna was released to previous phones that it will be PR2.1 instead of PR2

  • manish

    If nokia thinks that delaying update would boost sales of new preloaded models well thats impractical as anna is being overhyped for now and it doesnt promise any such leap of tech that a person should dump his current symbian ^ 3 and buy new anna device.

  • amit

    i waiting for update so much. please mail when this update will be available

  • Johan

    There are many different variants for phones, every operator usually has its own software on it or at least every country has it. Some phones probably have slightly different components. Imagine if you have 5 different operators on average for a country and 50 countries where you sell the phone. Then we have 4 different Symbian 3 devices. So 5x50x4 = 1000 different models. Ever thought how much testing that requires?

  • josh

    all im going too say is anna is a good update and its quute fast too..

  • I bought E7 yesterday and update it to ANNA, its awesome man. I love nokia symbian don’t know why they stop R&D. MS sucks.

  • hanan9999

    hi all…..i want help….i got nokia c7….i have updated it to firmware 024.001,after the update my the conversations folder is not opening in messaging… says feature not supported…i have also tried reinstalling…anyone plz help…