Software review: Sygic Mobile

A lot of people i know(follow on twitter actually) are looking for a better GPS application with Maps available on it. Due to the lack of updates by TomTom i guess its time we look out for new options.

Sygic Mobile GPS for Nokia is one of the most powerful GPS applications to date and they seem to be getting better and better with every new release. Sygic McGuilder GPS Navigation system is a well known brand in almost all the major markets which supports GPS connectivity and tracking including the Windows Mobile and External Car GPS.

I thought this is a really good option for it gives a lot of features for users with high end/smartphones. The awesome features that it offers might just interest you:

  • The maps loads very smoothly. Specially ┬áif you have a s60 E-series phone, you’ll just love how beautiful this looks.
  • 41) Navigate to – you will be asked to enter your target point. You can write directly the address, or choose from several options like point on map, history, points of interests or enter GPS position. After successful entering the target point you will have to choose your departure.
    2) Browse map – you will be able to browse the entire map and search for your target destinations. By simple dragging you will be able to scroll through the map and explore new areas. Browse map cursor shows information about the map objects like street names additional information about chosen point of interest. You can also use zoom bar by dragging the cursor up and down you can zoom in or zoom out the map. You can also use other functions in the options menu like find position on the map, show current position, show nearby points of interest and many more.
    3) Alternative route – perfect tool if you want to make the same route using alternative ways or roads. You can set which roads should be added or avoided, you can also avoid the traffic delays and much more. As in the case with the route button, alternative route button is also available after you’ll plan your main route.
    4) Settings – you can easily modify user interface with plenty of settings options turn of/on the sounds, switch to night colors, swtich from 3D view to view from top, backlight settings, rotate display, set different languages, set keyboard or load other maps and many more.
    5) Manage POI – Sygic Drive 5 shows on the map plenty types of POIs (point of interests) airports, banks, bus stations, hotels, parking garages, shopping centres. Now you can easily manage them and add your own POIs or there is also a function which warns you when you’ll be crossing the nearby POI.
    6) Route – you have to first planned your route to get access to route options. If you haven’t planned your route, the route button isn’t available. Here you can find all the further information about your route, you can view the whole route in image slides or even watch the route preview by using the route demonstration option.
    7) Itinerary – itinerary allows you to plan your business journey, comfortably from your home.
    8) GPS status – check your GPS status – valid satellites or your valid position.
    9) Memorize position – this would automatically save your current position into History.
    10) World clock – shows current time accros the world.
    11) Exit – tap this button if you want to close down Sygic DRIVE.

Managing POI with the community works great. I shared my location with few friends and it works wonders., just like google latitude. Though i did not understand the point of having tools like world clock and other tools inside the application, i guess it might be useful for people who travel abroad.

If Sygic mobile continues to develop this unlike that of TomTom navigator this might just become a popular application. Moreover Sygic Mobile is available on most of the smartphones.

You can just download the application or join the beta testers group.

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