Sygic Mobile Maps for N900


Sygic e-shop has released the first turn-by-turn navigation software for Nokia N900. Named Sygic Mobile Maps, this software has it all – it’s voice controlled, boasts a very good UI and has very efficient route calculation algorithms.

Right now it’s available only for Europe but more maps will be added shortly. It’s cost is 59.99 Euros but with the features listed below, I’ll say it’s worth every cent :

  • Maps stored on the phone for easier navigation
  • Gives prompts for all safety precautions
  • Add waypoints along the route
  • Tells user about the current maximum speed limit
  • Predefine and store routes for a trip
  • Signposts prompts the right direction
  • Lane Assistant tells you about the correct lane to be in
  • Heavily customizable home screen
  • Shows all points of interests of a place.
  • Strategically points out stops in a long route
  • Switch between 2D and 3D view
  • Switch between Color or Black and and White mode for easy viewing

Sygic has been developing navigation software for a long time and has softwares for almost all OS. This N900 version features Navteq maps.

It’s an amazingly thought out software which does not leave out any feature. For more about this software, visit the website.

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Arnaw Kumar

Arnaw is an undergraduate who is really into hacking and modding cell phones. For him, nothing gets better than an S60 and a chance to ruin it.