Swype For Android Updated; Now Supports Ice Cream Sandwich and Integrates Dragon Go!

Swype, the popular Swyping keyboard for Android, has finally been updated to add support for Ice Cream Sandwich. Since the product is still in beta, and this is the first build that supports Ice Cream Sandwich, the company warns that users may find some hard-to-replicate or find bugs.

Other than the support for Ice Cream Sandwich, the new update also adds quite a lot of new features including Dragon Go! Integration. For the less known, Dragon Go! is a service, similar to Siri, and is much more accurate and advanced than Google’s Voice Actions. The bad news is that the Dragon Go! integration in Swype is only available to Swype users residing in the United States.

Additionally, the update improves the prediction accuracy, and is also optimized for WXGA resolutions. The Emoticon key in SMS apps has also been enabled after quite a few Swype users requested it to be brought back.

Swype users who own a Galaxy Nexus or are running Ice Cream Sandwich on their handset are recommended to disable the in-built spell-checker on ICS for optimum user experience.¬†As always, the latest version of Swype beta is available to only those people who had signed up for the company’s beta program.


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