Swype Update Brings Living Language And Smart Editor

Remember Swype? The first keyboard that brought ‘swiping’ to the Android devices. Today, its developer – Nuance Mobile – released a new update for Swype beta that brings “Living language” and “Smart Editor” to the keyboard.


“Living language” is a crowd sourced dictionary that adds some of the most commonly used word to Swype’s dictionary like Dropbox, LOL, YOLO and more. This feature will be only available to users who decide to opt-in to the service since your predictions will also be sent back to Swype’s server. The company even promises to deliver “trending words and phrases in real-time”, which if true can come in handy.

“Smart Editor” examines your writing style over a period of time and will automatically suggest words when the user ends a sentence with punctuation. Swype will also automatically underline words which it thinks are incorrect in a sentence.

Last, but not the least, Nuance Mobile has finally got rid of all the registration headache to install the Swype beta keyboard on an Android device. Users can now simply download the Swype Installer APK from Swype’s beta website.

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Rajesh Pandey

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