SwiftKey 4 Now Available In The Play Store; Brings Flow, Additional Languages, Multimodal And More

After a couple of months of beta testing, the SwiftKey team has finally released the much awaited update to their keyboard on the Play Store. SwiftKey 4 brings with it a lot of new goodies including Flow, for a swype like typing experience. The unique feature about Flow is that it allow you to flow through words after words and construct a full sentence without the need to lift your finger from the screen.

The massive change-log of the update is below -:

  • SwiftKey Flow: World’s most accurate gesture input. Write by gliding your finger on the keyboard.
  • Multimodal – SwiftKey Flow can be mixed with tap input, with switching mid-word.
  • Mid-word completion: when you see the word you want just lift your finger off and the word will be inserted.
  • Flow Through Space: Gesture multiple words without lifting a finger, just by sliding your finger down to the space bar between words
  • Flow with next-word prediction: when you finish flowing a word, SwiftKey immediately shows you its best guesses for your next word
  • Three SwiftKey Flow candidates: tap backspace after completion of a flow to see three potential words
  • Easier corrections: Tap anywhere on any word to choose an alternative from SwiftKey’s three best guesses, based on the context and on your input
  • Better personalization: More thorough learning of your language and typing style – size of personal language profile increased in SwiftKey’s real-time prediction engine.
  • SwiftKey automatically detects writing style – SwiftKey predictions will tend towards completing your word or correcting your mistyping depending on your behavior – no need to select “rapid” or “precise” as in previous versions
  • Better predictions: Enhanced language engine, predictions in more text fields (as requested by our users)
  • 60 languages: Now including Albanian, Bosnian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Improved layouts for Russian and Korean.
  • Multi-colored ink: The on screen ‘ink’ that shows progress of a flow uses a multi-layered effect to show the beginning and end of a ‘flow’. Ink color complements the keyboard theme selected
  • Hold to delete: Long-press the delete key to remove the whole word. Deletion accelerates as you continue to hold. Slide to delete gesture can only be used when SwiftKey Flow is disabled.

Compared to the beta version, I think the prediction engine is much better in the final version. Flow-ing has been scarily accurate for me, something which the beta versions lacked.

The developers of SwiftKey are also celebrating the release of SwiftKey 4 by reducing the price of the phone and tablet version of the keyboard to $1.99 from the regular $4.99. SwiftKey is one of the best applications that Android has to offer, and if you are not using it as the stock keyboard on your Android device, you are missing out on a lot.

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