Super 8’s Official iPhone App is All Sorts of Cool

Super-8J. J. Abrams projects have a reputation of creating cool viral experiences that serve the dual purpose of engaging with fans and spreading the word. Whether it was LOST’s alternate reality games or Cloverfield’s viral marketing campaign, Abrams offered fans hungry for additional information an engaging and rewarding experience. Abrams latest project is Super 8, which hit the theatres this week. As with almost any Abrams project, the web was abuzz with excitement right from the get go. To further fuel the hype for the science fiction inspired by the good old summer flicks of the 80s, Super 8 used innovative strategies like embedding an interactive trailer within Portal 2, besides relying on good old viral campaigns (Scariest Thing I Ever Saw). However, perhaps the most inspired move by Super 8 is its iOS app.

The Super 8 iOS app is quite possibly the coolest official app for a movie, ever. At first glance the iOS app appears to be an old Super 8mm film camera simulator. Simply fire the app and press the red button to start recording retro style footages. You can add filter and lens effects like color, chromatic, black & white, sepia, x-ray, negative and infrared. It also comes with neat “shake” and “scratch-and-dirt” effects. Once you are done, you can review your creations from the projection room. You can either export the films to your computer through iTunes, or directly email them.

Super-8-iPhone-App Super-8-Lens-Effects

However, the coolest bit about the app is its integration with Aurasma, which is a company specializing in augmented reality technologies. To leverage this feature select the AR Lens and point the camera at Super 8 posters. Aurasma will use image recognition to play teaser videos and trailers based upon the poster.

The Super 8 app was initially available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, but now costs $0.99.

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