Stock Android 2.1 On Samsung Galaxy S

AndroidThe Samsung Galaxy S was launched with Android 2.1 and will soon get the official upgrade to Android 2.2. However, the Galaxy S, like all other high end Android phones, came with a custom UI — TouchWiz 3.0. TouchWiz 3.0 is nice and flashy but some users, like me, prefer the raw, untouched, stock user interface of Android. It’s usually much faster than the loaded custom UIs, relatively minimal and free of bloatware. Android 2.1, unlike the previous versions, has a very nice stock interface.

Some XDA devs have managed to get the stock Android 2.1 build up and running on the Galaxy S. There are still some kinks in the build, for instance, the camera doesn’t work, but they should soon be ironed out. The stock Android 2.1 build should be available soon.

Check out the video:

With Android 3.0 Gingerbread, the UI will be improved greatly obviating the need for custom jobs by manufacturers. This will help provide a consistent experience for all Android users and will speed up the upgrade process to newer Android versions.

Source: TheGadgets

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