Sprint’s Nexus S 4G GRJ90 Software Update Rolling Out Now

Remember the software update for the Nexus S 4G, which will fix the radio issues with the phone? Well, Sprint has finally started rolling out the update to all NS 4G owners beginning from today.


The new software update for the Sprint’s Nexus S 4G aims to improve the poor 4G reception and speed, along with an increase in the Wi-Fi performance.

Here is the full official change-log for the software update with version GRJ90 from Sprint :


– Enables NFC (Near Field Communication) Secure Element in preparation to support secure transactions

– Improved WiFi connectivity, speaker phone audio quality, and 4G acquisition and throughput

– Updated signal strength display indicators

– Fixes error code 67 when making account changes

– Adds TTY support

Rumors were that this software update for the Nexus S would bump the Android version to 2.3.5. However, the change-log from Sprint and neither does the thread over at their discussion forum, mention anything about this update being Android 2.3.5.

Sprint will automatically push the update to all NS 4G handsets, and aims to complete the roll-out in the next 3 weeks.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • Angelic

    So, that NFC…is anything going to be knocking out the mobile hotspot service, requiring us to buy Sprint’s $30 a month plan?

  • Philip

    Got the update, but it really didn’t do anything to fix the signal problems. There was a very marginal improvement in the ability to connect for data, but not enough to keep a solid 4G connection. A guy two cubes down from me at work has a 4G phone and gets a GREAT connection with a different phone. Sprint really needs to fix this phone!

    • Angelic

      Yep…the update just popped up this morning on my phone and I keep denying it on principle. I’m really thinking about calling retention and letting them know that I wouldn’t have even renewed my 2-year contract two weeks ago if it hadn’t been for this phone and the hotspot, and see if I can return it, reactivate the Pre, then check other companies.

      Also will check into jailbreaking and seeing if I can still use the hotspot. Just kind of ticks me off that I got it almost purely for the hotspot and then they take it away.

      • jon

        Hotspot still works for me after the update.. nexus s 4g.