Sprint Rep Confirms Hero Android 2.1 Update on March 26th Through Voice Message

Ok, let us be frank, it looks like either Sprint is playing games with its users, or someone definitely has too much time to fool around with HTC Hero users.

We last confirmed that the Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero was going to be released by Sprint on March 26th. However, some self proclaimed Sprint reps leaked a internal memo which said that the update was supposedly coming in April and not March.

Now, few days before March 26th, a forum member has uploaded a new voice message he received from a Sprint technical support representative which confirms that the Android 2.1 update is coming to HTC Hero and Moment on March 26th.

The tech support says:

The software release that is supposed to be coming out on March 26th is Over-The-Air (OTA), so you should get some type of notice on your phone that a software is available.

Whether this voice message was made up or real you judge for yourself. Listen to the embedded voice message by hitting the play button below.

What do you think? Is this a fake too, or will the Android 2.1 update make it to HTC Hero and Moment users on March 26th as we earlier told you?

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  • dgskydive

    I would love for this to be true, but probably not. The rumor about the update on the 26th of March has not been publicly announced by Sprint. It was a rumor started on the HTC forums and picked up by all of these tech sites.

    I called Sprint Advanced Technical Support myself and they said they have no release date for the 2.1 update and would only say sometime in April.

    Dont believe the hype. Sprint is taking way to long to get this update out. What a shame, the HTC HERO on Sprint is a great phone and will be so much better when the release the update, but they are really dragging their feet on this.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they stalled the update until after the release the HTC EVO this summer.

    • Isaac Simchon


      I spoke with a Sprint Senior Support rep, and she did confirm that the 2.1 update will be release by the end of this month (March 2010). There has been lots of complaints from Hero users nationwide, many of whom have recently lost service with their 1.56 firmware…

      Sprint reassured a fix for the problem with the 2.1 firmware release.

  • David B Kite

    The voice mail does not say march 26th, it just says on the 26th (could be April?).

  • David B Kite

    Also…. who releases an update on Friday.. that is just not smart, a Monday release would make more logistical sense. Like Monday the 26th of April….

  • Isaac Simchon

    This is good news. I just hope that this update will imkprove performance on my Hero. Otherwise rooting my phone is always plan B ;-)

  • preston poole

    so i went to sprint.com. click chat for questions. this was our conversation:

    Kate: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
    You: just trying to find out if android update 2.1 is coming?
    Kate: I would be happy to check our online inventory updates for you.
    Kate: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. That way, you'll still see this web page while we chat. Please click 'Yes' to move it now.
    Kate: Thank you. That should make it easier to see.
    You: thank you
    Kate: We have been advised the the 2.1 release of Android for both the Hero and Moment are expected in Quarter 2 of this year, 2010.
    You: no date set?
    Kate: No official date has been set or announced.
    Kate: Definitely keep checking in with us for updates.
    You: ok thank you very much
    Kate: You're welcome.
    Kate: Would you like help with anything else today?
    You: no just heard it was coming 3/26 was just checking
    Kate: Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Kate: Thank you for visiting http://www.sprint.com. We value your opinion and would appreciate if you can take a moment to respond to a brief survey about your chat experience. Click Here To Start The Survey.

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  • tim

    This sucks the hero is a great phone, I love it but hearing about the 2.1 updates are getting old. I think i am just going to go with the hacked version and be done with if forget sprint

  • slayer86

    Surprise, no update. Notice how the "tech support" never says that they are Sprint, nor do they say what phone this update is for, or what month it is coming out. So tired of the BS people without a clue keep posting. But on the upside, the update should be out within the next 6 weeks.

  • Barry Brown

    The Hero update is not forthcoming until midJune due to a Mr Dean Banks either at Sprint or (HTC). EMC2 tech J Green confided to me, he is a tech/eng working on upgrading Sprint servers to release OTA & OTW upgrades 2.1 Android. Somehow Mr. Banks will not OK release until all the servers (ALL!) are upgraded and also 2 Sprint apps have FC issues. J Green relayed this to me in Feb but I told him he was full of it! Well now…….?