Sony Xperia S To Come With Anti-Stain Coating and Fast Charging Capability!

Back at CES, Sony announced its first dual-core, HD screen touting Xperia handset – the Xperia S. It is also the first handset to come from the company’s stable, after its split with Ericsson.

While at first glance, the Xperia S looks like any other high-end Android phone in the market right now, except for its 12MP camera, the phone has 2 extremely useful features which the company has not really publicized much – Anti-Stain Shell and Fast Charge Capability.

The Anti-Stain coating will repel dirt from the phone’s body, and will also react to the Sun’s UV rays and help in removing any existing dirt from the phone’s outer body.

The other useful feature on Xperia S is its Fast Charge capability. As its name suggests, 10 minutes of charging time will provide the Xperia S with up to an hour worth of extra battery life. I am sure many Android handset users will appreciate this feature. Sadly, the downside of this technology is that the Xperia S comes with an internal/non-user replaceable battery.

Hopefully, Sony will also provide users with more information about these two excellent and nifty features soon.


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Rajesh Pandey

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