Sony Ericsson’s new innovative headphone MH907


Sony Ericsson few weeks ago announced that on 21 September they will introduce a world’s first innovative accessory. The suspense is now over and the accessory is MH907 MOTION ACTIVATED HEADPHONE.

The motion activated headphone lets you pick up call, pause/ play music just by putting in and out your headphone. Now that is cool. Now no need to take out your mobile out of your pocket in a crowded metro to pause your music instead just put off the earphones and your music is paused.

Movement = music + calls.
When both earbuds are inserted, the phone’s music  player automatically starts. Remove one earbud to pause music and reinsert it to begin playing the track again. To answer a call, insert one earbud. Or, if you are listening to music and receive a call, just remove one earbud and reinsert it. It is that simple.

Next generation technology.
SensMeâ„¢ Control is a unique technology letting you handle calls or the music player on a mobile phone in a simple and intuitive way there are no buttons. Movement controls your mobile phone.
It simply senses if the earbuds are in use and responds, letting you become the remote control.

Watch this video.