Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, X10 Mini/Pro Get Android 2.2 Based Custom ROMs

The current line-up of Xperia handsets from Sony Ericsson may never get the Android 2.2 officially, but this has not stopped the developers at XDA forums to support the phone. The biggest member of the Xperia family the X10 got its Android 2.2 based custom ROM quite a few weeks ago.

Now, three of its smaller siblings the Xperia X8 and the X10 Mini/Mini Pro have got their share of Android 2.2 based custom ROMs. The ROMs for all the three phones mentioned above are based on Android 2.2 with HTC Sense UI on top of it. These ROMs have been ported to these smaller Xperia siblings from the HTC Hero and Legend. Kudos to the developers for all their hard work!


However, not everything works at the moment. In most of the ROMs, the camera functionality is broken along with some Bluetooth and media playback issues. Nevertheless, the developers are hard at work and are churning out new updates with every passing day.

Hopefully, these issues will soon be fixed by the developers and all the members of the Xperia family can get their share of Android 2.2 love, unofficially. X10 Mini owners should head over to this thread while X10 Mini Pro and X8 owners should head over to this and this thread, respectively.

10 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, X10 Mini/Pro Get Android 2.2 Based Custom ROMs”

  1. It is sad that Xperia X8 will not receive officially Android 2.2, it is a very good hardware but the 2.1 present final version it kind of sucks, there are a lot of things I would need but the OS does not include. Lucks like for every tiny thing in addition they will make a new version incompatible for upgrade with last ones. This is sad.

  2. Wanted to try something new and came across the X8a. I have had many, many, many phones in the last few years……very much a tech and cell phone junkie.

  3. i got xperia x10 mini pro.. i dont need android 2.2 after i root my phone. i can custom my phone exactly like android 2.2 with go launcher ex.. hehe.. android 2.1, the problem is u cant save ur app to sd card right? but after u root ur phone u can save to sdcard using link2sd.. after u root, u have to partial ur sd card.. hehe.. thats why u have to buy new sdcard..hehe.. now my xperia x10 mini pro have plenty of apps.. kekekekekeke

    1. Hi Iam not a techy yguy Ihave X10 mini pro I wanted to root but I donot know how can you please send me steps how to do it?

  4. Currently I use 2.2.9 Floyo by Racht v.0.30 and everything works perfect. Tried recently CM9 shakira ICS but was very slow. I recommend 2.2.9 to all Xperia x8 users.

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