Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get Android 2.1 Update and HD Video Recording

Sony Ericsson at their Product Launch Blog made an official statement that the Xperia X10 will get an Android 2.1 update by Q4, 2010. Now, that is too long to wait.

img_148932_sony-ericsson-large-logo Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10

Sony Ericsson’s Sumit Malhotra said that they are working on the UXP (UX platform) for Xperia X10, X10 mini and X10 mini Pro. He also said that X10 mini and X10 mini Pro will get Android 2.1 update by Q4, 2010.

The exciting and happy side for the Xperia X10 users is HD video recording will also come onboard with the update on Q4,2010. The video recording will be the same execution as in Sony Ericsson Vivaz. He also said that an update will be coming for the Xperia X10 within few weeks for solving the bugs related to battery.

Here is the change log given by Sumit Malhotra:

Some examples of user benefits that will be included in the UXP upgrade for Xperiaâ„¢ X10 in Q4 2010 are:

– Upgrade to Android OS 2.1

-HD video recording as per the same execution as Sony Ericsson Vivazâ„¢

-Wireless home connectivity via DLNA

-Improvements to signature applications Timescapeâ„¢ and Mediascape to make them even smarter and richer

This update could be mixed bag for X10 users because on one side this is horrible in terms of time and on the other side features like HD video recording (continuous auto focus), which is a very good news. On the whole the users have to wait for a long time, but the fruit of patience will be sweet.


  • Q4? Does that mean that Sony has delayed it beyond september? If they are going to take so long, then why not directly give us Froyo?!?

    HD Video recording sounds really great though :D

    • My Se xperia mini shows the os is up to date.but still the firm ware version is 1.6 to move on to 2.1 android …any solution pleaseeee

  • chyong

    Hope there will be Multitouch and EQ supports! I think there is problem with the SE Marketing Team, why they "like" to obmit the features like the Multitouch and EQ which are highly anticipated by the consumers?

    Why they decided to include a 1500mh battery and not a 3600mh battery?

    X10 is amongst the most EXPENSIVE Android phone in the market (at least in my country) for now, but, seems like its features are not amongst the BEST in the market.

  • I'm not really that fussed about multitouch, but I'd love to get a surprise and get 2.2 instead of 2.1 as by september 2.2 will have been the standard for ages and the best improvement of 2.2 is the speed. (and ad hoc wireless)… X10 should be lightning fast, but it isn't.

    Mostly want I'd like now for my enterprise usage, is PPTP that works reliably for more than 2 minutes (and can remember your password and reconnect on disconnect automatically) and wireless that can see/connect to channel 13 on wireless like my mates Magic/mytouch can.

  • mattleb

    on an SE blog site they say 2.1 will be available in September. Why do we have to wait so long and why only v2.1? I don’t use Timescape and hardly use Mediascape, and I heard that these are what SE are having trouble integrating into newer firmware. I am starting to wish I gone for a different phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic phone and a massive improvement on my last Windows Moble device… I just wish I could update like friends on different hardware.

  • I bought my X10 in March. To think that I will have a telephone in more than 6 months, is optemistic. I already regret not going for a model from HTC…

  • ranapartap

    I did a big mistake to by se X10 phone .we have to sign 3 years contraxt to get hardware upgrade. I was a sony fan from long time but its all done now .no more sony’s anything can enter in my home. I try to talk with cusromwe seevice . They all stupid sitting there. Now i bought samsung Galaxy phone which is just great. Nevwr buy sony for lifetime . Wwhat the f*** mean is 2.1 after 8 months. Stupid peoples make stupid sh*t. Beware form these bas**ds people,….

  • Jasmin

    Is september allready and we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
    I wait another 13 days and I will really sell my phone and chose some HTC or IPhone

  • Greg

    Really poor show. Just like Jasmin I will wait. But if they don’t release Android 2.1 (or more) by the end of Sept, I will not buy another Sony item for my personal or family use! In hindsight I should have waited 2 weeks and bought the HTC!!

  • Sam

    I have the X10 for almost a year now, waiting for the official software update. Now, it a delay in 2.1? SE, come on!!! Others phone maker are embarking on 3.0, can’t you Japanese programmer work smarter & faster????

    I am thinking of switching to HTC HD2 !!!

  • Mohamed Ibraheem

    I am using SE Xperia for almost 7 months from the day it was launched I guess. I heard that the latest firmware has been launched in the market. But whenever I just click on update, It shows that ” Your phone already has the latest software” but still I am working on 1.6. Can anybody fix this issues. Thanks in advance.

    • Hugh

      As of Nov 6th, run SE PC Companion, Select Support Zone, Software Update. When the pop window shows up with “Your phone is up to date, You already have the latest software”, click on the button . After the “repair” finishes, your phone will be updated to Andorid 2.1. You may need to backup your data before ‘repairing’ the phone.

      • Caz

        I just bought this phone with the understanding that it could be updated. I have tried this method and also downloaded the separate updater but I am still running on 1.6

        Is the 2.1 version only available in certain places?

      • Daniel Rosenbaum

        Hi there,

        this method diddn’t work for me either… i am still running 1.6 and it is incredibly annoying to not be able to update. Both Sony PC Companion and the Sony Update Service continue saying that “you have the latest version”….

        • Rahul Shah

          It is bad to see some X10 users still running Android 1.6. I am using Android 2.2.1 on my X10 with multi touch. So I will write a guide on how to update your X10 manually to the latest Sony Ericsson firmware or manually install Android 2.2.1 or 2.3.2, very soon. Stay tuned..!

      • SkyWulf

        Will this unroot my phone?

  • Robert

    ……….how can they do with us….They are selling x10 mini saying upgradable to 2.2….I am gona Su them.