Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Firmware Update

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It’s been five days since Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia X10 in India and they’ve already rolled out an update.. The phone has been updated to R1FA016. The performance has improved along with various other things.

The major changes which have been noticed are improved audio quality and the noise has been reduced with increased bass which makes the audio quality very good. Another change is in the camera quality in which shooting at night has improved drastically with less noise in the pictures.

The onscreen keyboard was a problem with the Xperia X10 as entering text was irritating. The problem was that sometimes a single touch was not sufficient to select a letter, but now it is better.

There is no official change log given from Sony Ericsson but these are the changes which are noticeable after the update. The Xperia X10 is slowly turning out to be a hit and this early update won’t give the users a chance to complain. Now all will be waiting for Sony Ericsson to update the Android version of X10.

Note: We will be reviewing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 soon.

38 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Firmware Update”

  1. Hi Rahul, may i know where u bought this cell from coz i live in blore and still no shop sells it :( im dieing to buy this cell :) !! wat was the price u bought for – how is the browsing experience , and touch sensitivity n all,, ????

    1. I bought mine at Univercell in chennai., and so I think it should be available at Univercell outlets in Bangalore as well. Their site also displays the phone for immediate sale.

  2. Hi,
    No cell phone shops here in trivandrum sells Xperia x10. The official call centre of sony ericsson 011039011111 or 1800111800 says it has not yet launched Xperia x10 in india !! .
    One doubt is whether it supports video calls? In a 3G network video phone is a basic utility, But There is no front camera seen in any of the xperia x 10 pictures ??

  3. Hi,

    Where did you get this update?

    I tried running the firmware update last night but it says I have the latest firmware

    1. I guess you are not trying to update by air because it wont work. Install the PC Companion on your PC, which is preloaded in your X10 memory card and check for updates.

  4. has anyone had problems with battery life , im on second phone in a week and dont get 10hrs without even making calls

  5. i bought a X10 on 8th april in india and i was able update to firmware version R1FA016 and 12th April i bought another X10,while trying to update it says R1FA014 is latest FW and cannot update to R1FA016……no clue why this is happening and may be sony ericsson india might have rolled back the update………….

      1. i did tried through update services,PC companion and as well as from software update in settings menu,but all r stating R1FA014 is the latest firmware……….any help would be much appreciated…………but i did managed to update to R1FA016 in my previous X10 last week

    1. The audio output is very good after the update.. I recommend you and @kannan to contact Sony Ericsson at their Facebook fanpage and after that put your problems in front of esato (Sony Ericsson forum)..

  6. Hi i tried to update my firmware, but at the very last stage suddenly my windows freezed and now I think my phone is bricked, as when I turn it on it shows a warning sign … any solution ??? PLEASEEE !!!

  7. Hi Rahul,

    First of all thnks for the info…

    I m going for a good smartphone n basically confused between SE X10 / HTC Desire / Samsung i9000S…

    Would like anyone to help me out with my choice as to which one shoud go for…

    Secondly can u tell d procedure as to how do you update this firmware in the phone…



    Ihave recently bought a SE X10…N i jus love the phone…

    Would like to kno how do you get this Firmware updated into your phone…Whats the procedure for updating the firmware…

    Please help…


  8. i have one or two feaures i dont like! one is it does not have speaker phone option in call. two is i am a bit deaf and cannot hear its ringtones very well, "why"


    1. it does have speaker phone option in call. Press the menu button (four squares on left hand side) and choose speaker!

    2. [email protected] says:

      the xperia x 10 does hav speaker … i hav the xperia x 10 n i hav speakerphone

  9. HI….

    I bought sony ericsson xperia 10i and added few softwares in the memory card.Can you tell me where can I find the contents present in the memory card………..plz. and also how can I change the options at the main menu…plz reply me as soon as possible.

  10. hi, i just installed the new software. But I am wondering if it has solved the android.stop working.problem (The problem which you cannot make the phone call or text – the forced close application). I hope it fixed properly.

  11. I cannot hear the phone when it rings, looks like the mute is on but i cannot remove the mute so that i can hear the phone ring. Help is needed on how to get access to the program so that i can get sound when the phone ring.
    Thanking you

  12. Sorry my questions may seem basic but I use Nokia and have no background about Android

    1) Can any one tell me if android phones like Eperia X10 can be upgraded to Android 2.2 and later (as 3), or this is not possible?

    2) How can I upgrade the firmware, do I have to go to the cervice center or I can do it at home throuth USB connection for example

  13. Hey guys, can any one tell me is the firmware R2BA026 the latest one…??? if not how to upgrade …??? and how to uprade and install android 2.1 or 2.2 on x10….. please help… thanks…

  14. i have bought myself sony ericsson x10 i have a problem when i try to update the software. it will indicate that i will have to contact sony ericsson support to assist please help i am trying to update my phone via PC connection pls anyone with info share


  15. Hi !,

    I had updated my Xperia X10i today,after that it’s giving 2 errors:
    1. It’s not showing sim contacts ,though I have imported it.
    2. I cant access my Photo,MP3 as it is showing a error message memory cards is not available

    Please help me

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