Sony Ericsson Working On a 5-Inch Android Phone With QWERTY?

Looks like Sony Ericsson is working on an Android based phone, which sports a five-inch (!) screen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. After sliding the keyboard out, the screen is automatically inclined at a certain angle, a la the N97, for the viewing pleasure of the user. According to Engadget, the tipster who tipped them with this piece of information also said that the phone is running on Android 2.1. clip_image001

The phone is still in development stage, where all the low-level drivers of the phone are being tested. The tipster also said that Sony internally does not have any plans to start working on Android OS v2.2 soon. If this piece of news is true, then Sony Ericsson is surely making a big mistake here. Even though, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been selling briskly, the older version of Android OS surely has made a dent on its sales figure.

Sony Ericsson is expected to release the Android v2.1 update for Xperia X10 by the end of this year.


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  • No Froyo anytime soon? Seriously SE…look around and see what users want. We WANT Froyo's performance improvements.

    And also, a 5-inch screen?!? WTF! Unless there is a sizable population of Big Foots, who are interested in Android phones, SE has gone effing nuts. Heck, Dell Streak is about the same dimension.

  • It will be nice to have a choice besides the iphone..

  • vlc

    Proper keyboard. Yes! This is great news! I only wish this had been the 1st version of the X10. Virtual keyboards are just annoying. No idea why SE doesn't use the very latest version of Android but I guess they must have a good reason. They did a good job with Android 1.6 on the X10, so I'm not so worried about them not using 2.2 for this. But it does seem strange that they're not using the latest available build to start a new project.

    • vlc

      Oh… and please give us a really superb battery life…. for a change.

  • vlc

    Wouldn't it be just fantastic if they could implement a camera on the screen-side of the phone?