Sony Ericsson to launch Android 2.0 based phones

Sony Ericsson’s Asia marketing VP Peter Ang mentioned that Sony Ericsson will soon be launching Google phones running on Android 2.0 operating system (OS). Earlier this year, Sony Ericsson CEO Hideki Komiyama had said that launching the Android based Sony Ericsson phones "will take some time"

Though, Ang did not provide much information on the phone, its speculated that it will have more of multimedia and social networking support, including twitter. Also, the leakedversion of android suggests the same.

Again, Ang declined the rumors that Sony Ericsson will be limiting itself to a single operating system and will continue to deliver more phones in various OS such as winMO, symbian and more. Sony Ericsson already entered the Symbian market with its IDOU phone which flaunts 12.1 megapixel camera and is listed under Entertainment unlimited.

Its rumored that Sony Ericsson is to make a big announcement on 28th of this month under Entertainment Unlimited. Its to be seen if they announce their Android based phone considering Androids’ much leap in 2.0.

Stay tuned, we will keep you updated on this.

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