Sony Ericsson Satio Update R1CA037 Available


Sony Ericsson Satio finally gets a treatment for its illness by Sony Ericsson. Satio which is one of the best Symbian S60 v5 phone was facing a lot of problems since its release.

Due to this, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse stopped its sales. Lot of customers where also returning there handsets due to the problems the device faced. The major problem with Satio was frequent crashes.


However, Sony Ericsson has released an update R1CA037 which fixes several problems with the phone. After the update there are some noticeable changes in the phone, like the speaker volume has increased, the camera quality has improved a lot especially in night shooting mode. Browsing through menu is lot smoother and the home screen’s transition is also smooth.

After the update Carphone Warehouse has said that Satio will be re-stocked to sell again from 5th December. The phone still does not have kinetic scrolling, and also does not have an equalizer in the music player, which hopefully will be sorted out in the next update.

  • ndaniel

    pls help me regarding update process .. when iam connecting following the rules of SE update service,but it fails.. "this device might not work properly fails to install drivers" i can install the pcsuite ican explore the mmc drive ,i can do evrything with the phone.the phone is detecting also, but i cant update pls tell me whats the reason ……. my phne date and time is setted on 10/10/9 and my phones region is london and im in uae, SATIO

    • Rahul Shah

      If you write the steps which you follow during the process then it will be helpful. Write the steps and I will tell you the problem.. BTW if you have installed the PC Suite and your phone is even getting connected to the PC Suite (in all modes i.e. Phone and Mass Storage) then the problem should not occur.. I hope your phone is switched off during the update and I would recommend to try again installing the PC suite or also in a different computer..

      • ndaniel

        im installed on my office pc (update service), 1 gb ram, xp, 2.8ghz good pc .

        1. i switched off the phone , removed the battery, im waited for 40 secnds then i replaced the battery, then i run the updAte service it synshronised and ready for updating, then i plugged the usb to pc without connecting the other end to phone,

        then i pressed the phones green button holded at the time i connected the usb cable to my phone ,,, after 5 secs my phones red light worked with white light background displayed sony erriccsn,

        then the system detected semc flash,ui device ui

        at this time i selected satio on the updte service clicked next new window came confirm ur phone will be chked …. with some instructions 1.remove bayttery … 4. continue holding green button…. im following this ……………… then there a balloon poped out that this device might not work properly fails to install drivers…….. update service is running with same confirm page…im holding the buton also

        tday i i reset the phone *#7370#

        and i put the current date and time ,,, slected region united arab emirates…

        i didnt installed the pc suite on my office pc only the update service i installed ,,, networked pc ,,, for this purpose our it manager logged my pc as admin…….. i turned off the firwall…….

        i dont know wht happened to phone pls help me ………

  • lee

    to all the above comments…

    When updating your phone to the new firmware, you need to make a few checks. Firstly, the time and date on the handset has to be correct. The battery life on the handset must be above 75%. The correct drivers must be installed on your pc, easy way to sort it out is to uninstall everything related to sony ericsson and then download it off thier support website. Lastly you need to put the usb lead into a different port than the one you used before. This will resolve the issue. If it doesnt, try it on a friends pc. If the problem still persists, get on the phone to sony.

  • Arnold Ramos

    My using satio mobile; now i am facing problems same mentioned above. Please how to update my mobile like R1CA037.

    Appreciate your help.




    i wanted to know abt modeing of spb and wanted 2 change the spb of my satio u1. Do u guys hv any idea wethr its safe 2 do so nd ny ideas on how 2 do it