Sony Ericsson Satio Major Software Update

Sony Ericsson after nearly four months gave Satio a new software update, R2AK006. Satio which was cramped with bugs when it was launched, after the previous update, most of the bugs where solved. The latest update from Sony Ericsson not only solved the remaining bugs but also gave some goodies for the users..


Here is the change log given by Sony Ericsson at their product blog.

  • Support for WVGA video recording The already great video recording will be enhanced to fit the wide screen format and hence resolution is also slightly increased to 864 * 480 pixles. (the preset size will still be VGA, user has to change to get WVGA)
  • Upload of pictures to Facebook It will be possible to upload pictures directly from the picture menu you have on the home screen or from the Media UI.
  • Youtube video uploading It will be possible to upload videos to Youtube directly from the Media UI.
  • Conversational messaging Conversationswill be nicely integrated in the messaging menu in order to easily find and inspire to more conversations with your friends.
  • DLNA support The new software will support DLNA media server for easy transfer of audio and still pictures. (Note that video is not supported)
  • UI improvements On top of above, several minor UI improvements have been done in order to optimize the user experience.
  • The Facebook application that is now available on PlayNow for free download will be included in the software.

After the update, Satio is lot more faster. Sony Ericsson is finally working on making their customers satisfied. But one thing which was missing was kinetic scrolling. Hope it will be added in the next update.