Sony Ericsson rejected Google’s Offer to make Nexus One

After unveiling three new quality handsets at the MWC in Barcelona, Sony Ericsson’s President Bert Nordberg told a Swedish publication Sydsvenskan a spicy news, that Sony Ericsson was offered before HTC to make Google’s phone now known as Nexus One. But Sony Ericsson declined that offer.

google_logo_5 sony-ericsson-logo-white

I was wondering why this was not told during the press conference held recently at Barcelona, during MWC? This is a news which will make everyone react in ‘awe’. So, the big question is why did Sony Ericsson did so? Mr. Bert Nordberg explains that Sony Ericsson will use their own hardware to make their own device, and not for any third party on contract.

Keeping in mind the present state of Sony Ericsson, who is now on the path of recovery from the darkest two years of their lifetime. This opportunity could have proved helpful for them, seeing the popularity HTC got from the deal with Google.

However, this proves the appreciation of Sony Ericsson as a quality brand from Google. I am sure after seeing the popularity HTC got from the Nexus One, Sony Ericsson must be regretting its denial on that deal. And the exposure of this news so late, proves the regret of Sony Ericsson.